Twitter Marketing for Ecommerce Stores

Twitter marketing can prove vital for your ecommerce store only if you know how to do it properly, otherwise, It can get your brand bad reputation if some customers with good twitter following leave a bad review for your store. So, its important to learn how to do it properly before giving it a try.

Methods: Find an influencer on twitter to tweet your ad, or if you make a twitter account for your website, you can make the tweet from your business twitter page, and find multiple influencers to promote what you tweet. I’ve done it both ways. Here are the pros and Cons

○ Your business twitter page can grow a following, eventually you may not need influencers.
○ Increase brand recognition.
○ Saves money on constantly having to find an influencer to tweet for you, once you have a big enough following.
But there are also cons as well.

● Cons
○ We all know drop shipping has slow shipping times (especially now). ○ Customers can tag your business page in tweets warning people not to order from you, and claiming you’re a scam. (their tweet could possibly go viral)
○ Your business twitter account can be reported if a lot of people report it. (especially if it's a new account with a lot of negative cation towards it)
○ You won’t have that much of a following right away.

I honestly only recommend having a business twitter from a dropshipping store if you plan on eventually turning it into a brand, or your supplier has fast shipping time and you have EXTREMELY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, so customers are not upset.

● When looking for influencers, keep in mind that The influencer can have anywhere from 5K followers and up. On twitter the follower count does not hold as much weight. What matters the most is their engagements. Meaning their average RT’s and Likes on each tweet. If they have anywhere from 100 RT on most of their tweets, they’re a good influencer candidate.

● Once you choose the influencer Direct message them. Twitter direct messages do not need to be formal. 

     EX “ Hey, I wanted you to do a promo for me. How much do you charge for a permanent RT? (this is important to ask, because some influencers will only keep your tweet up for a certain amount of time. If they don’t do permanent RTs, ask them to keep it up for at least 24 hours.) ask how much do you charge for a quoted RT? And how much do they charge if I want you them to tweet the tweet for you and drop your link in the thread".
Keep in Mind that not every influencer will tweet the tweet for you. Some only do RT’s and Quotes. If you really want them to tweet it for you, you can suggest paying them more.

● Once you two have agreed to a price, send them a screenshot of what they will be tweeting/ RT/ or quoting. Just like facebook AD creatives, you have to do all of the work. You’re basically just paying them for their audience size and 
engagement. Come up with the exact caption for the tweet(emojis included), the picture or video that will be used, the time you want them to tweet promo the ad, and the day. Make sure you pay them in advance, so when it's time to run the tweet, everything is set (some influencers may have suggestions to tweak the Ad to work with their audience, consider their suggestion, but also if you really believe in your idea, don’t let them influence you to change it completely.) I have had times where that happened and the tweet flopped. Time is very important on twitter. You can tell how well a tweet will do within its first hour. If you  have anywhere from 500-1000+ RTs within that first hour, you can almost guarantee the tweet will go viral.

● Once that influencer has tweeted your tweet, you can pay other influencers to help boost the tweet. (I highly recommend this). I pay everyone in advance, because like I said, that first hour matters.
     EX: i’ll have one influencer tweet the ad, then pay 5-10 other influencers to RT the Ad right away. (THE WHOLE POINT IS TO MAKE THE TWEET GO VIRAL)

● Finding Influncers: to find influencers, type in the twitter search bar “DM for promo or DM for cheap promo” once you type that in the search, pages who tweeted that will pop up and you can start DMing them for prices. On average the cost per RT can run everywhere from $10-$100. I usually stay in the range of ($10-$50, $50 ONLY if I truly believe their engagement is really high.) A lot of pages do not have “DM for promo” but still do promo. You can almost guarantee if an account has over 10K followers, they do promo. It doesn’t hurt to contact them and ask. I always do.

● If an influencer is taking awhile to get back to you, Tweet at them and say “Please check your DM” sometimes they won’t see your DM because it is in the requested DM. if they have not responded after that within a Day or so, but are tweeting, find a new influencer.

● I spend anywhere total from $50-$300 on ads for twitter. It's always worth it.

● Remember to NEVER drop the link to the product in the first tweet or the price, and Also to never use hashtags in the caption. The tweet has to be personal, funny, and/or relatable to gain attraction. REMEMBER, you’re marketing from an CONSUMER standpoint, not a business standpoint. You should drop the link to the product in the SECOND tweet in the thread. there , if you want to drop the price, you can but I don’t really recommend it either. Make sure the link is to your direct product page, and not the home page.


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