Tidio Chatbot Automation Guide

Tidio can help you reach thousand of customers, but you need to automate chatbot in perfect manner. Let me show you how you can use Tidio chatbot to its full potential.


1- Thanks your customers for making a purchase

Build a better relationship with customers. Tell them you are availble if they need help.

Use Cases:
You should start from our template or manually write shopify.payment_charged in the box in the event field.

1- Add the event shopify.payment_charged as a trigger.


  • You can set the automations firing limit on: send multiple times on each visit, send once per 24 hours, send once per unique visitor.

2- Add the "Send a chat message" action and enter your message.

Example messages:

  • "Thanks for shopping with us! we are now processing your order. We'll keep you informed about the nest steps".
  • "Questions? Do not hesitate to reach out!"
  • "Check out our facbook page"
  • "Sign up for our newsletter"


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