How to research winning product with Shopify Exchange Platform

Shopify exchange product research strategy is one of the best and unique strategy to find proven winning product for your dropshipping store.

Shopify Exchange is a platform provided by shopify and it has thousand of stores listed by the store owner. People put their stores for sale on shopify exchange platform. There're many shopify store for sales that are making more than 10,000$ per month.
You can go to shopify exchange platform and search for dropshipping stores. You can apply filter that will sort the stores with respect to revenue they generated in last 30 days.
You can check the store revenue and profit to check which store is performing good and you can open that store to research their winning products.

If you find some good store and want to scrap their best selling product, you can write in the bar URL after store domain (/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling).
It will show you the best selling product of the store in ascending order.
You can find same product from aliexpress and research some good supplier for it and promote the same product on your store.

Shopify exchange platform product research strategy is better than researching product through product hunting tools like nichescraper, ecomhunt etc. As many dropshippers have eyes on the same product listed by these product hunting platform and product get too saturated once its listed on product hunting tools site. 
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